The Law Firm


DIOURI LAW FIRM S.C.P. (DLF) was founded by Maître Mehdi DIOURI, a corporate lawyer trained in North America. DLF is the result of the merging of two law firms, among whom Maître Rachid DIOURI’s, whose expertise in litigations has been well known for almost four decades. DLF employs about fifteen lawyers, including four partners. Each member of the staff is both a generalist and a specialist in a specific field of corporate law. The law firm’s core business and expertise is corporate law in all its aspects: be it counsel for strategic projects or litigation to defend business interests; the whole range of legal services offered by DLF meets the needs of economic stakeholders. DLF is a law firm with national and international scope, whose guidelines are focused on efficiency, availability and responsiveness, in order to provide adequate solutions for any corporate situation.


In 2013, DLF partnered with Solferino Associés, an independent law firm based in Paris, specialising in corporate law. The goal of this partnership is to accompany national and foreign investors in the development of their projects in Morocco, the Maghreb, Africa, the Middle East or Europe. This partnership positions DLF and Solferino Associés among the principal actors in capital markets, securities regulation, bond issues in these markets. DLF also works in close collaboration with North American, European and Middle Eastern law firms.